¿Qué es el aleteo de tiburón y por qué ocurre? El aleteo de tiburón es la acción de cortar las aletas de un tiburón en el mar, para después desechar el resto del tiburón arrojándolo de regreso al agua. No


Shark ID sites FAO Fish Finder Les Requins: Identification des Nageoires (Book by Dr. Pascal Deynat, Not available online.) Shark Trust ID Guide (large download) Individual pages of the guide can be downloaded here: Sharks Skates & Rays Reef-Quest Center

Humane Society International Applauds Lawmakers for Passing Shark Protection Bill

Humane Society International applauds the Senate of the Commonwealth of the Northern Mariana Islands for passing a bill on Dec. 9 to curb the cruel and wasteful practice of shark finning. The bill would prohibit any person from possessing, selling,

President Chinchilla Assigns Shark Fin Imports Issue to Minister Antillón

This past July 14th PRETOMA received word from the President’s Office that the organization’s formal request to ban shark fin imports to Costa Rica, was assigned to the Minister of Economy, Industry, and Commerce, Ms. Mayi Antillón, for her consideration